Board Contacts

Elected Officers (click a link to send that person an email)
President Kathy Speck 608-836-0272
Vice President Doug Johnson 608-238-1785
Secretary Diana Rodum 608-203-5711
Treasurer Mary Juckem 608-358-0608
Appointed Directors
Newsletter Agnes Rona 781-910-1094
Past President Sandi Wysock 608-833-5326
Member at Large Open
Member at Large Peter Kaufman 608-848-3737
Standing Committee Chairs
Outreach Dorothy Baldwin 608-742-6493
Journey Manager Stephanie Sorensen 608-819-6646
Activities Gail Holmes 608-249-1846
Membership Lise Skofronick 608-274-7732


Magdi Sebestyen

Mike Lambert