Journeys are the key to meeting our Friendship Force goal of peace through friendship.  Each year we are assigned to host a Journey and/or to visit another FF Club.  We are often fortunate enough to receive both types of assignments, and there are other options for participating too.  Below are our current assignments.  Details in the link.


  • Dallas, TX Outbound -TBD – ON HOLD
  • Niagara, Canada – Outbound – ON HOLD


  • Noumea, New Caledonia and Christchurch, New Zealand – 2 weeks – Outbound – TBD
  • Toronto, Canada – 1 week – Outbound – TBD
  • Tweed Valley, Australia – 1 week – Inbound – TBD
  • Global Bike Journey – 1 week – Inbound – TBD

Other types of Journeys available to all applicants include:

  • Global Journeys
  • Journeys initiated by the FFI staff
  • Journeys run by other clubs who might have extra space for you
  • Open World programs we run
  • Language Learning Journeys

FAQ’s for participating in an Outbound Journey

FAQ’s for participating in an Inbound Journey

Outbound and InBound Journeys – PAST