1. Click on the Journey of interest to you. The link should tell you when it is scheduled, who is in charge, how to contact that person, and the deadline for submitting an application.  Once you have submitted an application with a $25 fee, you will be interviewed.  We interview everyone who applies to participate in a Journey.  We try to make the physical requirements clear as some Journeys are more demanding than others.  We expect that all applicants will answer questions honestly.
  2. You will be notified if you have been accepted and will be invited to some workshops to help you prepare for the Journey. Your $25 fee will be returned if you are not accepted.
  3. Be aware that we often to not have every detail of an itinerary or list of activities nailed down as you would on a normal group tour, so be prepared to learn more details as things go along. It is part of the adventure of this type of travel.
  4. Most people are interested in making their own travel arrangements to and from Journeys these days. You will be told when to make sure you arrive and when you can anticipate departing.  Usually, your Host will meet you and take you to their home.
  5. Our Club requires you to have health insurance. Be aware that Medicare does not cover you overseas at all, and your normal US Medicare supplementary insurance will not pay up front, though they may reimburse you if you have good documentation of your expenses.  Neither of these will cover flying you home if you need to leave the Journey.  For more information on travel insurance, click here.
  6. Sometimes, but not always, there will be a commercial tour added. For example, we will usually only get one week if we are lucky enough to be assigned to Europe.  The Coordinator might choose to add a tour as few people wish to go to Europe for just a week.  It might be mandatory or optional (usually depending on pricing and number of travelers).  If this is the plan, you will know upfront.



  1. All selected Ambassadors are expected to participate willingly in the various group activities. While some Hosts/Clubs are more informal and flexible than others, you should only agree to go if you plan to participate fully.
  2. Pay your fees as requested on time and to the correct person.
  3. We expect Ambassadors to generally eat the food that is provided unless there are serious allergy or dietary issues. If so, you should inform the Journey Coordinator during the planning process so that your needs can be accommodated.
  4. There is almost always a “Take Your Host To Dinner” event where you are expected to treat your host. Different clubs do this differently, but expect to pay for this for yourself as well as your host.
  5. Bring the Host a gift. It is nice to bring something that represents your home area – food, pictures, local or handmade art, etc.
  6. Be polite. This should go without saying, but do say please and thank you and try not to be overly demanding.  Hosting can be exhausting for the Host and you should offer to help out or get out of the way or whatever fits the situation – be a plus (not a minus).
  7. Contact your Host once you are assigned and given contact data. Tell the Host when you will arrive including flight data if flying and make sure you have a phone number and that your meeting arrangements are clear.
  8. Be on time when your Host gives you a time to be ready to leave the house each day
  9. Engage with your Host. Share stories and information with each other.
  10. Complete a form with personal medical/contact/insurance information. Put it in  a sealed envelope for the Coordinator in case something happens to you.
  11. Carry your health insurance information as well as the address and phone number of your Host with you when you are out and about.


Contact the Journey Manager, Stephanie Sorensen at or 608 819-6646 with specific detailed questions.